Homestuck Theories

Bard of Space (strandedkamo)

Personality: Someone who’s likely spontaneous and somewhat eccentric. Would have a either a sort of immaturity about them or a strict seriousness.

Player Role: A guide to the other players away from innocence to prepare them for the extremes of the game.

Abilities: Invites destruction of physical form or mass.

Sylph of Time (littlestarprincess)

Personality: Easy-going, calm, but strong in what they believe in or when a point needs to be made. Probably receptive to others’ - particularly, authority figures’ - opinions or imput. Otherwise, independent.

Player Role: Corrector of mistakes that would put the session into an offshoot timeline and a guide away from them to the other players.

Abilities: “Healing” of damage done to the timelines. (Patching up Lord English’s coat, to put into perspective.)

Maid of Void (mthirtyone)

Personality: Likely nosy on some level or another, but protective of their own buisness. Generally nurturing in the case of others’ issues, disregarding privacy to uncover them.

Player Role: A teacher in the “function” of the void or a creator of void as protection or security for other players.

Abilities: Pick and choosing of spots to obscure from even omniscient eyes.

Seer of Void (necromant, subject-unrelated)

[I just want to mention that this is one of my favorite titles due to the opposition of the pair and the opportunity for alliteration.]

Personality: Extremely creative, although reserved to their own interests or intentions. may be somewhat obsessive over a particular subject.

Player Role: An all-seeing informant able to view into the veils of the void.

Abilities: Sight beyond sight, even in the unseen.

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